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Innovative and

Our journey in building innovative and broad-minded technology is not only a profit-oriented business, but we also help the digital community in the convenience of the modern technology world.

Leading in
Technology Industry

Founded in 2020, our outstanding team of engineers, programmers, designers, and marketers have worked tirelessly to bring Aidi Digital Global to the forefront of the industry.

New Standard
Tech World

Furthermore, We will continue to evolve relentlessly to become the technology standard, providing insights and driving the subsequent advances in technological intelligence.

Our Innovative Technology

We will make your life easier

We see a world where our innovative technology is taking people to a new era of intelligence that can simplify one's life and create extraordinary experiences. We are optimistic about building a future with an easier, more modern, more informed, and more sustainable life.

Our Mission

Become a global corporation in the domain name and internet business

We are providing the best value for stakeholders and the Indonesian digital community and providing first-rate domain name and internet services for Indonesia.

Company Values


By having the same goal, we together with practice cooperation in achieving the company's goals. We believe that this collaboration will produce an output that has value in it.

Integrity and Ethic

Our integrity in running the organization operates consistently by moral values and following the applicable ethical guidelines.

Customer Obsession

All decisions and processes stem from customer needs, wants, and pleasure, so we always try to understand customers as a direction for us to develop even better.


We respect all employees impartially, which aims to earn the trust and commitment of our workforce.


Being an innovative company, not imitating competitors in the growth and success of the company, but Setting up strong core values that will be a constant reminder in every step of the company's process.


The thirst for continuous improvement is a sure step toward achieving success. Therefore, we provide a dynamic platform for employees to continue to work creatively and develop skills that will bring the company into the core Values of each of these thought processes.

Our Products is a platform for people to show their expertise in creating microsites and shortening the shortest links with the code Not only an online content application, but is also a marketing tool that makes it easier for people, especially content creators, influencers, brands, or company marketers, to share information, knowledge, expertise, and product knowledge that is marketed to everyone through the features provided by

What are domains? The domain is the address of your office or shop in the digital world (website). It looks like a physical office or shop with a complete address. Domains are unique; there is only one domain for one owner. The domain name serves to facilitate access to your website.

Frequently Asked Question

How do we operate?
We currently operate in Indonesia by developing a domain name business and applications accessible to anyone worldwide.
What is the product of ADG?
We have two excellent products, Domain .id and (Link shortener and Microsite Builder), and we will continue to create the latest innovative products in the future.
Do you have an internship position open?
Start your career with ADG through an internship program. If you thrive in an open culture and have a desire to learn, this will be the perfect environment for you to thrive. We are looking for competent talents to move forward together in realizing the company's ideals. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending your CV and portfolio to email [email protected] with the subject internalADG_(position)
Do you have job openings?
Start your career with ADG and join our team, which will encourage you to grow together. At ADG, you will gain invaluable experience working on projects that impact millions of users across the country. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending your CV and portfolio to email [email protected] with the subject careerADG_(position)
Can I invest?
To invest in our company, don't hesitate to contact [email protected] for further discussion.